docFreak Latest things download | faq Latest things 7 jan 2024 docFreak version 1.20 is released for all platforms (macOS, Linux and Windows). Things changed/improved: - exporting to folders with spaces is now possible - better built-in help on images and pdf - several minor bugs solved - better app support for macOS - better cross platform support for distributed docFreak DBs (font related settings for each platform). Latest things 18 nov 2023 docFreak version 1.18 is released for macOS, Linux and Windows. Things changed/improved: - The use of tab inside an editor is now the same as with most other editors. - Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-S now saves all instead of only saving the treeview (Save for a single tab is still possible). - Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-D (remove from tree / remove from combo and list-boxes) was not documented correctly. - When starting docFreak, canceling the automatic open of the standard docFreak.db, gave a wrong informational message. Latest things 16 nov 2023 docFreak version 1.16 is released for macOS, Linux and Windows. It addresses a bug related to import and export some office and multi-media files. Latest things 11 nov 2023 docFreak version 1.15 is released for Windows. This version does not require VLC to play multi-media files anymore. Instead it uses the default multi-media player inside your OS. The built-in help section is extended with examples of office and multi-media use. It also fixes bugs related to: Creation of an empty db Opening a docFreak db from another OS Hyperlink inserts with wrong (too dark) color Exports of binary (non native docFreak) tree items Font settings The Linux and macOS versions still have an older level but will be updated soon to version 1.15 (probbaly 12 nov 2023).