docFreak The documentation tool for your cases (and so much more) why? | download | buy | contact How? Take a closer look at the screenshot. Each case can be put into a folder (create a folder and give it a name). Everything digital available related to a case like for example your research documents, notes, ToDo's and images are visible inside the tree on the left. You add other (related) files by dragging them to your docFreak. They too become visible inside the tree on the left. You can drag, move, copy, group each item to any other location inside the tree. All items inside that same tree are now part of 1 single docFreak file Again everything kept together in a single file. The docFreak file can be backuped and shared and transported very easy (after all it is a single file). The docFreak file allows you to hyperlink text, documents, Word, Excel, Pdf, audio into a single object. Easy to search, to modify, to relate, to group, to connect and hyperlink as glue together. Items inside docFreak can be encrypted and shared with other persons that have docFreak too. and.... Each item can be dragged to any tabbed editor/word processor docFreak has open, to create hyperlinks and popup/side Notes to every other docFreak item. Therefor: from now on, your case documentation and notes are not just only text and a few images. Download docFreak and test for 32 days (no registration needed/no ads) or continue reading: Example and use Maybe more technical?: docFreak features specs