docFreak The multi-tabbed word processor (and much more) Docs come from docFreak why? | download | buy | contact Here it is, docFreak docFreak is worlds best and most easiest way to create your documentation, notes and ToDo's and combine them (using drag and drop) with every other file your desktop knows about (like: Word, Excel, Pdf, images, audio and video). All together in one place, in just 1 single file, where everything is easy to connect with each other and easy to share (secure)! If you know how to work with Windows Explorer and with Word then you know how to work with docFreak too. docFreak is: easy, very fast, fun, professional, portable, tabbed edditing, small, scalable, easy to share and secure! The best way to experience this luxury and comfort is to download docFreak (no need to register) and try. download docFreak or continue reading: Why? or related to this: About me and docFreak Maybe more technical?: docFreak features and specs