docFreak The multi-tabbed word processor (and so much more) why? | download | buy | contact Example and use cases Take a closer look at the screenshot again ;-) For instance you are working on a document with a text and images inside the docFreak Editor but inside that same document you want to refer to a Word document (W), 2 Excel sheets (X), 2 Pdf files and some audio and video material and a few pop-up notes. The easyiest thing you can do is drag the needed files to the tree of docFreak and drop it onto the document you are working on. They become visible inside the tree under the document you are working on. From there you drag and drop them to the editor on the right you are working in and becomes a hyperlink. When you click on that hyperlink, the corresponding object is opened for you. If it is a native docFreak document or note it opens a tab or pop-up note. If it is a file or object type that your Desktop knows about (for example a Word document) it opens Word for you with the Word document. When you make edits inside that same document (with Word) and save it (from within Word), the changed Word document is also updated inside your docFreak. From now on, your documentation and notes is not just only text and a few images. download Maybe more technical?: docFreak features and specs