docFreak The multi-tabbed word processor (and so much more) why? | download | buy | contact How to whitelist and install docFreak if Anti Virus software complains/warns during download/extract or starting docFreak on Microsoft Windows, you have to whitelist the file or setup_docFreak.exe. TIPS: 1) Do not install docFreak on a network share or NAS folder for daily use 2) For non-daily use or small DBs up to a 50MB this is OK but for larger DBs use a local disk 3) Avoid spaces inside the folder name you extract to 4) The recommended place to extract to is C:\users\YourOwnUserName\docFreak like for example C:\users\JohnDoe\docFreak 5) To play multi-media files, docFreak uses the default media player installed in your OS. Important again docFreak does NOT contain malware or other illegal functions that can harm your computer, privacy, reputation or my own reputation (see also What is happening these days).