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Function and how it works: docFreak is a multi tabbed portable word processor to create hybride documentation, notes, todo's knowledge bases and manuals. It is a personal desktop app that allows you to publish and share the content you create with others in a nifty way. Hybride means here that it supports (besides text and images) all other file types your desktop already recognizes. Files can be dragged and dropped (copied) to docFreak to become part of your documentation. Documents and notes can be hyperlinked with any other file (like but not limited to: Word, Excel Pdf, Visio, Powerpoint, WinZip, 7Zip, html and text). Your (native) docFreak documents and notes as well as all files that have been copied into docFreak are stored inside 1 single file. It's inside docFreak. A tree visualizes all that's inside docFreak. That same tree can be used like the Windows Explorer to insert, copy, move, group, rename, shortcut and delete items (everything that's inside docFreak). Additionally each item from the tree can be inserted (with drag and drop) into a docFreak editor tab as an hyperlink. All or any item selected can be packaged and then shared (secured/encrypted) with anyone else that has docFreak installed. When a package is sent (for exmaple by email, Dropbox, Onedrive. Googledrive etc etc) to someone else that has docFreak installed, the package can be merged (not overwrite) with the tree of the recipient. Import of files as well as hyperlink, move, group and share package operations are all simple, drag and drop based.
The advantages of this single file approach:
1) all related things are now really together
2) allows the creation of documents that can be mixed with many other file types (including audio and video) to create hybride documents and documentation
3) due to the hybride nature; hyperlinking, classification, grouping, shortcuts, copying, tagging, annotate and searching is much easier
4) handing over this type of documentation requires the transfer of 1 single file only (instead of loosly coupled Word documents, Excel sheets, Pdf, emails, zip files etc etc) 5) the visualization by a tree inside this single file, combined with grouping/classification, hyperlinking and annotation (pop-up notes) features makes the context of each item and the documentation as a whole very easy to understand and to change 6) the tree visualization allows straight forward simple documentation based on 1 a single document up to hundred of thousends documents and other files in a complex tree structure. 7) speediness, this special single file is fast and better cached by your OS then multiple different regular files, result: loading and saving (and some tree searches) are done in a split second, no matter how big your docFreak is. docFreak: - Is a personal desktop tool - Does nothing in the cloud online but its result (a single file) can be shared and placed online in the cloud easily - Can be used as replacement for Word and Pdf but can also work with Word and Pdf - Can be used as replacement for Wiki but can also be placed inside a Wiki (or SharePoint, Confluence and the likes) - Allows simple and complex document layouts - Allows other file formats to be imported with drag and drop - Stores everything inside a single container file - All objects (native docFreak documents, notes and imported files) are visualized by a tree - Has built-in help which can be removed - Let's you group, link, relate all content to each other - Allows multiple editors open (inside tabs) - Allows standalone edits - Standalone edits are reflected inside the single container file - Allows the creation of multiple container files (like multiple Word documents) - Can start small and simple but can grow to as complex and as big as you want - Is very fast to search through - Is easy to backup (1 single file) - Is easy to use and very fast. Note: It is also possible to create multiple containers (docFreak db's) as if you create multiple single Word documents. Supported operating systems Microsoft Windows 64bit (7, 8, 10 and 11) Linux Mint 64bit (from version 20 and higher) Linux Ubuntu 64bit (from version 20 and higher) Linux (other variants) with Python version 3.8.x installed Linux (other variants) with Python version 3.10.x installed Apple macOS (the 3 most recent versions). GUI/Look and feel Look and feel of a file manager (for the tree) Look and feel of regular word processors. Supported formats: Native docFreak documents and pop-up notes All file formats that the desktop it runs on recognizes like (but not limited to): Word, Excel, Pdf, PowerPoint, Project, Visio or other MS-Office or Libre/Open Office files, Images (.png, .tiff, .jpg, .bmp, .ico), Archives (.zip, .7zp, .rar, .tgz,) Audio (.mp3, .aac, .wav, .oga, .wma, .ra, .rma, .vp8, vp9) Video (div1-3, .mp4, h261-263, .wmv) docFreak instance modes: Shared mode (docFreak shows all entries inside the tree) Standalone mode (docFreak shows only a selected item from the tree) Embedded (for pop-up notes) External (for pop-up notes) Number of docFreak instances that can run simultaniously: unlimited (as long as there is enough CPU and memory) docFreak container/db limits: Min file size: 0.3MB (without built-in help) Min file size: 0.6MB (with built-in help) Max file size: >2TB (but will be limited sooner by the capacity of your machine) Max file size per item: 980MB Max entries: unlimited (but will be limited by the capacity of your machine) Editing: Tabbed rich HTML editing Tabs can be moved, removed and renamed Max number of tabs: limited by display and or memory Editor accepts drag and drops from tree Editor accepts drag and drops from the desktop Spell check a la WhatsApp style Supported spellcheck dictionaries: US, NL, ES, PT, DE and FR On request others dictionaries can be made available Supported export/sharing formats: Html, Pdf, Word, OpenOffice, Markdown HTML editing supports (all mixed): Font names and font sizes, bold, italic, underlined, striked, hyperlinked foreground color, background color, page color, indent, outdent, centered left alignment, right alignment, numbered, buleted, subscript superscript, hyperlinks, tables, images and embedded pop-up notes Custom styles based on capabilities of HTML Tagging, keywords and search options: Adding tags/keywords per item Removing tags/keywords per item Auto tag when creating/importing tree items Search for tags/keywords Search any word or phrase inside an item Encrypted docs are/cannot be searched (work arround use tags) Some binaries cannot be searched (work arround use tags) Treeview: Drag and drop from outside with your file manager Drag and drop support inside the tree Copy, Cut, Paste, single and multiple items Drag, drop, move and group single or multiple items Item limit: unlimited (as long as there is enough memory) Sharing: Complete docFreak.db or selected parts (using drag and drop) of the tree can be shared to anyone else that has docFreak installed. Security: AES-256 Encryption per item selectable Encryption is enforced when sharing parts of the tree Encryption is not enforced when sharing the whole docFreak container db file Note: From docFreak version 1.15 (11 nov 2023) docFreak will use the default media player installed in your OS.

The best way to experience this luxury and comfort is to download (no need to register) and try. download docFreak