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docFreak: all your stuff inside 1 single file It must be a familiar situation because all desktop users deal with it (yes, you too): Word documents here, Excel sheets there, PDFs everywhere, notes in several notepads, ToDo's and reminders in post-its, presentations in a special folder, Visio drawings here, Project files there it goes on and on and on........ And how about this: I did this thing once, years ago and now I can't find how I did it! Aaaahhhhh well of course! You have a tool for this and a tool for that but they don't really work together, do they? That's exactly why docFreak is created! docFreak works with any other file type your desktop already knows. This can be anything such as: Word, Excel, Pdf, Visio, Powerpoint, Project, plain text, zip files, photos, images, audio and video. But..... with docFreak, it's radically different! And no, you don't have to stop using Word and your other tools (but you can). With docFreak, you glue and link all those things together (with drag and drop) to 1 single super fast file you can easily: maintain, edit, view, search through, publish, share, distribute and backup. Continue reading: How? Related to this: About me and docFreak Maybe more technical?: docFreak features and specs