docFreak The multi-tabbed word processor (and so much more) why? | download | buy | contact What's happening these days? As a small and independent software developer it is almost imposible to avoid false positives generated by your Anti Virus software. The default attitude of big tech companies (Microsoft, Apple, Google) and major (AV) Anti Virus software vendors is that all new software that is unknown (or new) for the public is flagged as an Unwanted Application or as malware when it gets downloaded or installed. It is then blocked (becomming a false positive because docFreak is NOT malware). This is a nightmare for every small independent software developer when releasing new products/software because when it gets downloaded or installed by the user, that same user is scared the hell out of him during download or installation. However and daxLAB Limited are constantly fighting against the unjustice of the false positives. All recommendations from those big tech companies are in place inside docFreak (secure websites, certified websites and EV code signed certifcates for all related docFreak software) and for docFreak (like submitting over and over again docFreak to the big AV vendors) to comply to their rules in order to be detected and handled as legitimate software. Despite obeing all these rules, docFreak is still sometimes seen as malware, which is of course: totally beside the truth. In most cases it will probably complain about: 1) the use of gpg.exe gpg.exe is open source software to encrypt data, like your data inside docFreak. I have to admit that it sometimes is used by malware too but that makes gpg.exe on itself not malware. It is a legitimate software to encrypt data. See the website of gnupg where gpg.exe comes from 2) website or download reputation This happens because docFreak is brand new and not known to the public yet. I care about my reputation, therefor: 1) I'm fully traceable and easy to contact on the Internet because I run daxLAB Limited (search with google for Rembrand daxLAB). 2) docFreak does NOT contain malware or any other illegal functionality that can harm your computer and/or privacy 3) docFreak does NOT track you or your data at all 4) docFreak is build and distributed from the Netherlands (distributing software that harms your computer or privacy is a felony here). If you are still in doubt contact me